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2020-2021 Student Handbook 
2020-2021 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED]

Part 2: Enrollment and Placement


Preparing for Enrollment in Courses

How to Demonstrate That You Have Met a Prerequisite

Photo showing students in the Student Services CenterIf you are enrolling in a course with a prerequisite, you will be required to do one of the following (A-D):


Complete the required prerequisite course at Irvine Valley College or the equivalent Saddleback College course with a satisfactory grade-that is, a grade of “A,” “B,” “C,” or “P.” You must see the IVC Counseling Center or the Office of Admissions and Records for the Saddleback College course equivalency list.


If transcripts haven’t been sent, provide official transcripts from another US accredited college, university or high school, as appropriate. Such transcripts must demonstrate satisfactory completion of the prerequisite course-that is, completion of the course with a grade of “A,” “B,” “C,” or “P.” Please note that IVC does not accept courses that are in progress at other colleges, and also does not accept equivalent high school courses in  math or English placements. Other conditions may apply.

Students must present official transcripts to the Office of Admissions and Records as soon as possible after they apply to Irvine Valley College. Students should then visit Admissions and Records, where they will be asked to complete and submit a course equivalency form. 

Students should begin the transcript verification process well before registration begins. Reviews can take up to five business days. Delays in processing a course equivalency will affect a student’s ability to enroll in target courses. Specific information regarding procedures, timelines, and course equivalency notification is available in the Admissions and Records Office.


If students believe they have the prior knowledge, experience, and/or skills required to succeed in the course from which they have been blocked, they may file a request for an alternative evidence review. Students may file a petition in the Admissions and Records Office.

Note: Accompanying the form, students must submit alternative evidence that documents their competency to succeed in the course. Such evidence varies by course. See the Admissions and Records staff for clarification of the specific evidence required for the course you wish to submit for an alternative evidence review.

Students who file a Request for an Alternative Evidence Review will have their petition reviewed by discipline faculty within five (5) working days. 

Requests to Challenge

If you want to challenge a prerequisite, you will have to fill out a petition. Forms are available in SSC 110. 

You may file a request based on any of the following grounds:  

  1. The prerequisite or corequisite has not been established in accordance with the district’s process for establishing prerequisites and corequisites.
  2. The prerequisite or corequisite is in violation of Title 5, Section 55201.
  3. The prerequisite or corequisite is either unlawfully discriminatory or applied in an unlawfully discriminatory manner.
  4. You will be subject to undue delay in attaining your educational goal because the prerequisite or corequisite course has not been made reasonably available.

Students who file a request to challenge on any ground will have their petition reviewed within five (5) working days.

Students who file a request to challenge on the basis of Ground 1, 2, 3 or 4 during their assigned registration time will be granted eligibility to enroll in the class pending the outcome of the challenge. If the challenge is upheld, students who have enrolled in the class will be allowed to remain in the class. If the challenge is denied, students will be notified that they have been dropped from the class.

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Enrollment Priorities and Adding/Dropping Classes

Enrollment Priorities

Approximately two weeks before registration begins, your registration time will be available in MySite. The South Orange County Community College District has established the following enrollment priorities for issuing student registration times.

The following enrollment priority levels require that matriculation be completed:

  • Priority - Student groups legislated in the Education Code and district policy to receive priority registration. 
  • Freshman Advantage - High school graduates who have never attended college after high school graduation, and who complete the matriculation steps prior to the designated deadline.
  • Continuing - Those not on probation during their last two semesters and who have not completed 100 degree applicable units. Registration times are assigned in descending order by completed units.
  • New - Students who have never enrolled in college after high school graduation.
  • Returning - Students who have enrolled in college after high school graduation, but did not attend college in the last semester.

The following enrollment priority levels do not require that matriculation be completed:

  • Emeritus - Students currently enrolled in the Emeritus program.
  • Lower Priority - Students who meet one or more of the following conditions: students exempt from matriculation, students on academic or progress probation for two consecutive semesters, or students who have completed 100 or more degree applicable units within the district.
  • Students concurrently at Irvine Valley College or Saddleback College while enrolled in grades K-12.

How to Add Classes

FULL-TERM CLASSES: You may add open classes on MySite from the beginning of your assigned registration time up to the day before the first class meeting. You can view the status of a class-whether it is “open” or “closed”-on MySite (“My Classes” > “Class Status”). See chart at bottom right for information on enrollment priorities.

SHORT-TERM AND LATE-START CLASSES: You are encouraged to enroll in such classes early-before they are full/closed. 

MULTIPLE ENROLLMENT/OVERLAPPING CLASS TIMES: The registration system will block you from enrolling in multiple sections of the same course or from enrolling in classes whose time overlaps. These enrollment conditions are not permitted, and there are no exceptions.

You may enroll in up to a maximum of 19 units.  You must pay all required course fees when you enroll, or you may be dropped for non-payment.

Options for Full/Closed Classes

Suggestions for if you discover a class is full or closed:

  1. Select another time, or another course.
  2. Select to be on a waitlist. A waitlist is a priority system for petitioning closed classes. At the instructor’s discretion, many closed classes offer a waitlist option. By selecting a waitlist option, students are notified when a space is available based on their order on a waitlist. When notified, a student is given a limited time to register. Students who are notified and do not register in the time permitted will lose their position on the waitlist and may request the next available space on the same waitlist after all other waitlisted students.
  3. If no waitlist is available, attend the first class meeting, then ask the instructor if you can be added to the class. If the answer is yes, the instructor will give you an APC (Add Permit Code). You will be able to register online for the class using the unique APC number issued by the instructor, or you may submit the APC or signed add permit to the Office of Admissions and Records for processing. The deadline to add a specific class is indicated on the APC document the instructor provides. The deadline may not be extended. You must enroll by the deadline printed on the APC. To find the instructor’s email, go to the online class schedule and locate your class. Click on the icon next to the instructor’s name to bring up a blank email addressed to the instructor. 

How to Drop Classes

It is the student’s responsibility to drop or withdraw from classes. You may drop or withdraw online through your MySite account 24/7. Only drops completed prior to refund deadlines are eligible for refund consideration.

Deadlines for Dropping

Check the online class schedule (“Details”) for exact drop deadlines for each course you enroll in.

  • To drop with a refund: The refund date for each class is on your class schedule. Drops after that date will not be eligible for a refund of the fees paid for the dropped class.
  • To drop without a transcript annotation: The drop must be submitted prior to the first 20% of the course based on the individual class.
  • To drop with a “W” annotation: All courses dropped between the 20% point and up until the 65% point will be recorded on the transcript as a “W.”
  • To drop after the 65% point: Drops are not allowed after the 65% point except under narrowly defined extenuating circumstances. See the college catalog or the Office of Admissions and Records for information.
  • To drop with an “EW”: An Excused Withdrawal (EW) may be permitted when specific events beyond the control of the student affected the student’s ability to complete a course(s). These events may include job transfer outside the geographical region where commuting is impractical, illness of family member where the student is the primary caregiver, or other circumstances beyond the control of the student. The student must appeal to the Admissions and Records Office and provide supporting documentation. Upon verification, an EW may be assigned at any time after the period during which no notation is made for withdrawals. Excused Withdrawals shall not be counted in progress probation, dismissal calculations, or calculating the maximum number of enrollments permitted for course repeatability.

NOTE: For students receiving Financial Aid, all transcript recordings of “W” will be counted as units attempted and will be assessed toward their total unit limit of 90 units.


P/NP (Pass and No-Pass) Option

You may declare the need to take a class with the P/NP option during online registration or in person at the Office of Admissions and Records within the first 30 percent of the class (see the online schedule for deadlines). It is strongly recommended that your consult with a counselor before selecting this option. There are significant transfer implications and limitations to consider when selecting P/NP grading. Furthermore, this decision is not reversible after the deadline - so please select it with care.

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