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    Jun 09, 2023  
2019-2020 Catalog: September 2019 Edition 
2019-2020 Catalog: September 2019 Edition [ARCHIVED]

September 2019 Catalog Revisions

Irvine Valley College 2019-20 Catalog

September 2019 Additions, Revisions, and Deletions

The following items were added, revised or deleted in the September 15, 2019 edition of the 2019-20 catalog.

Note: This list is provided as a way to track which changes have occurred since the original March 2019 publication of the 2019-20 catalog. The original March 2019 edition may be viewed by selecting it in the white bar on the top right corner of any page.


UPDATED 9/13/19

Degrees and Certificates


Adult English as a Second Language: Beginning, COC  

Adult English as a Second Language: Intermediate, COC  

Adult English as a Second Language: Advanced, COC  

Film and Digital Media, AA  

Public Health Science for Transfer, AS-T  

Real Estate Sales, COA  

Real Estate Sales, COP  

Real Estate Success, COA  

Social Justice Studies, AA-T  


Administration of Justice for Transfer, AS-T  

Administration of Justice: Law Enforcement, AS  

Administration of Justice: Law Enforcement, COA  

Administration of Justice: Supervision, AS  

Administration of Justice: Supervision, COA  

Administrative Assistant, AS  

Administrative Assistant, COA  

Animation- 2D, COP  

Animation- 3D, COP  

Art History, AA  

Civil Computer-Aided Design, COP  

Communication Studies for Transfer, AA-T  

Communication Studies, AA  

Digital Media Art, AS  

Digital Media Art, COA  

English - Creative Writing, AA  

English - Literature, AA  

Emphasis in Liberal Studies, AA  

Local Area Networks - Cisco, AS  

Local Area Networks - Cisco, COA  

Mechanical Computer-Aided Design, COP  

Web Authoring, AS  

Web Authoring, COA  



ASTR 20H  

RE 550  


BIO 2  (updated prerequisite)

BIO 5  (updated prerequisite)

BIO 10  (catalog description)

BIO 80  (catalog description, prerequisite change)

BIO 80H  (catalog description, prerequisite change)

BIOT 274  (catalog description, removed prerequisites)

CHEM 3  (updated prerequisites)

CIM 40  (changed course number)

DNCE 97  (changed course number)

ELEC 211  (removed prerequisites)

ESL 361A  (removed prerequisites)

ET 92  (catalog description)

FR 1H  (catalog description)

GEOL 3  (catalog description)

KNES 94  (changed course number)

LIB 10  (changed title, catalog description)

MATH 317   (catalog description)

MATH 327  (catalog description)

MATH 347  (catalog description) 

MATH 387  (catalog description)

MUS 87  (removed prerequisites)

RE 174  (changed course number, changed title, catalog description)

TA 27  (changed course number, changed course title, catalog description)



- Updated course schematic and academic sequence on English as a Second Language  department information page

- Updated course schematic on Mathematics  department information page

- Added ABA approval information to Paralegal Studies  department information page

- Updated Catalog Rights section in the Policies and Standards  page

- Added compliance information to Veterans Services  page


Added Guided Pathways to 50 degrees and certificates