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    Nov 30, 2023  
2023-2024 Student Handbook 
2023-2024 Student Handbook

2023-2024 Student Handbook

Photo of students walking on IVC campus

Welcome to the 2023-2024 Irvine Valley College Student Handbook!

This handbook is comprised of information about your rights and responsibilities as a student at Irvine Valley College (IVC). It also contains important information about programs, resources, and college policies to help you navigate your college experience.

With direct paths to transfer and fast, focused career paths, IVC is the best place to start! Explore the variety of resources available to you at Irvine Valley College.

Bold possibilities begin at IVC.

Part 1: Introduction and Applying to IVC      

  • A Great Choice: Irvine Valley College
  • Key Steps to Success
  • Online Services
  • Tips to Starting Off Right
  • Units: How Many Should You Take?
  • Financial Aid Programs
  • How to Apply for Financial Aid
  • Student Success and Support Program

Part 2: Enrollment and Placement    

  • How to Demonstrate That You Have Met a Prerequisite
  • Enrollment Priorities and Adding/Dropping Classes

Part 3: Quick Student Reference Guide    

  • Student Support Programs
  • College Centers
  • Services
  • Activities

Part 4: Educational Options    

  • Educational Options in California
  • Associate Degree Courses and Certificates
  • Bachelor’s Degree Courses
  • Information on Transfering to a Four-Year School

Part 5: Campus Information and Policies    

  • Coronavirus Guidelines
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Smoking Policy
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Gender Equity
  • Section 504/ADA Complaint/Grievance Procedure
  • IVC Social Media Guidelines
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • IVC Multilingual Directory
  • Glossary of College Terms
  • IVC Campus Map

NOTE: This handbook is to be used in conjunction with the college catalog. To view the catalog, use the white drop-down menu above.