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    Jun 14, 2024  
2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED]

Admission, Registration and Fees

  • Registration Times  
    • Registration Times, Appeal Process, Registration Open Enrollment Policy,  MySite, Maintaining Student Contact Information
  • Prerequisites  
    • Definitions, How to Demonstrate That You Have Met a Prerequisite, Auditing Classes, Adding Classes, Attendance, Waitlists, Student Photo ID, Dropping Classes, Repeating Courses, Reenrolling 
  • Tuition and Fee Information  
    • Enrollment Fee, Instructional Materials Fee, Health Fee, ASIVC Access, Transcript or Enrollment Verification Fee, Returned Check Fee, Parking Fee, Nonresident Student Fees, Refunds

Student Success and Support Program (SSSP)

The Student Success and Support Program (SSSP), also known as Matriculation, provides services designed to promote the student’s efforts toward completing their educational goals. Students are expected to complete key processes upon successfully achieving specific milestones. These services are a partnership between the student and IVC. Students are expected to identify an education and career goal, engage in courses and complete course requirements, and maintain progress toward successfully achieving their educational goal.

The Student Success and Support Program will help students to evaluate their academic readiness, determine their academic goals, and identify campus resources. Students are required to complete all of the following components of the Student Success and Support Program:

1. Complete Math and English/ESL Placement

Upon successful completion of the IVC application process, students will receive an email with their IVC student ID number. The IVC student ID number, along with the PIN created during the application process, will be the login credentials into MySite. In order to complete the math and English placements, students will need to log into MySite and complete the Guided Self Placement surveys for both subjects. If English is not the primary language, students must schedule an appointment to take the ESL assessment. 

2. Submit Transcripts

Incoming students are highly encouraged to submit their high school transcripts showing successful completion of math and English courses through the completion of the 11th grade. It is also highly recommended for students to submit their high school transcript listing successful completion of math and English courses upon completion of the 12th grade for additional course placement consideration. 

Students who have completed coursework with a grade of C or better at another accredited US college may electronically submit their transcript for math and/or English placement consideration. Students may also submit AP exam scores (in English composition, calculus, an/or statistics) with a score of 3 or higher. Contact your high school or college for details on how to submit your transcripts to Irvine Valley College. If you are unable to access your high school transcripts, contact the Admissions and Records Office at 949-451-5220.

3. Advisement

When placement results for English/ESL and math are available in MySite, students may complete advisement. Advisement sessions can be completed online or through in-person group sessions. During advisement sessions, students will learn about:

  • Course options based on the student’s math and English/ESL placement results 
  • IVC’s course sequence in math and English/ESL
  • Certificate and degree requirements and transfer options
  • How MySite and the online enrollment process work
  • Strategies for balancing school and other personal commitments

4. Develop a First Semester Plan

After a student receives their math and English/ESL placements and completes advisement, the student will then be ready to develop a First Semester Plan, which is a set of courses that should be taken in your first semester of college in order to reach your educational goals. This plan will be for 1-2 semesters, and will be created using MAP (My Academic Plan) in the student’s MySite account. First Semester Plans can be completed online or through in-person group advisement sessions. 

Comprehensive My Academic Plan (MAP) - Upon completion of 15 degree applicable units or before enrolling in the 4th semester, students will be required to complete a comprehensive academic plan. A comprehensive academic plan is a semester by semester plan for completing the student’s academic goal. Failure to complete a comprehensive plan will result in a hold being placed on the student’s enrollment.

5. Orientation

Orientation provides an overview of important policies, procedures and services at IVC. Orientation sessions are offered online or in person. Students can access the online orientation through their MySite account from any computer with Internet access. Students can sign up for an in-person orientation by visiting the matriculation website.

During orientation, students will learn about:

  • Academic expectations
  • Descriptions of available programs, support services, and campus resources
  • Academic calendar and important dates and deadlines
  • Registration and college fees
  • Additional college-specific issues, policies, and procedures


Students will be exempt from matriculation if they are attending IVC for one of the following reasons:

  • Legally mandated training or significant change in industry of licensure
  • Personal development
  • 4-year university/college student enrolling to meet bachelor degree requirements
  • Concurrently enrolled as a K-12 Special Admit
  • Students who have completed an associate degree or higher 

New students who are required to complete all matriculation steps will be eligible for a Level 1: Priority registration time.

Students who are exempt from completing the matriculation steps will receive a Level 3: Low Priority registration time (see Registration Times ).

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