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    Dec 09, 2022  
2017-2018 Catalog: December 2017 Edition 
2017-2018 Catalog: December 2017 Edition [ARCHIVED]

Introduction to IVC

College Administration

Office of the President

College President: Glenn R. Roquemore, PhD
Room A 101 949-451-5210
Manager, Office of the President: Sandy Jeffries
Room A 103 949-451-5210
Executive Director, Foundation: Elissa Oransky
Room B 251 949-451-5472
Interim Director, Annual Giving and Development Services, Foundation: Karen Orlando
Room B 251 949-451-5771
Executive Director, Office of Marketing and Creative Services: Diane Oaks
Room LIB 205 949-451-5277
Assistant Director, Office of Marketing and Creative Services: Melanie Buettner
Room LIB 205 949-451-5767

Office of College Administrative Services

Vice President for College Administrative Services: Davit Khachatryan
Room A 114 949-451-5326
Manager, Fiscal Services: Louise Straling
Room A 113 949-451-5272
Director, Facilities: Jeff Hurlbut
Room M 102D 949-451-5546
Assistant Director, Facilities, Capital Outlay Projects: Anna Petrossian
Room M 102C 949-451-5227
Acting Assistant Director, Facilities: Vacant
Room M 102A 949-451-5708
Acting Night Facilities Operations Supervisor: Vincent Cooper
Room M 102A 949-451-5637
Director, Safety and Security/Chief of Police: Will Glen
Room CP 100 949-451-5200
Police Operations Lieutenant: John Meyer
Room CP 100 949-451-5200
Director, Technology Services: Bruce Hagan
Room BSTIC 111A 949-451-5254

Office of Student Services

Vice President for Student Services: Linda M. Fontanilla, EdD
Room A 110 949-451-5214
Dean, Counseling Services: Elizabeth L. Cipres, EdD
Room SSC 210 I 949-451-5410
Dean, Enrollment Services: Arleen Elseroad
Room SSC 110C 949-451-5409
Admissions and Records Registrar: Ruben Guzman
Room SSC 110A 949-451-5220
Director, Child Development Center: Becky Thomas
Room CDC 114 949-451-5484
Assistant Dean, Financial Aid and Student Support Services: Ken Lira
Room SSC 130I 949-451-5435
Director, Health and Wellness Center and Veterans Services Center: Nancy Montgomery
Room SSC 150 949-451-5273
Director, International Student Program: Christina Delgado
Room SSC 260E 949-451-5693
Director, Outreach and Community Relations: Dennis Gordon
Room CEC 1 949-451-5483
Director, Student Life and Student Equity: Anissa “Cessa” Heard-Johnson
Room SSC 260C 949-451-5364
Director, Student Success and Support Program: Deejay R. Santiago, EdD
Room SSC 110D 949-451-5732

Office of Instruction

Vice President for Instruction: Christopher McDonald, EdD
Room A 118 949-451-5212
Dean, the Arts and Library and Tutoring Services: Joseph Poshek
Room LIB 106C 949-451-5650
Dean, Business Sciences, Online Education: Anna “Cathleen” Greiner, PhD 
Room BSTIC 203D 949-451-5565
Dean, Instruction, Economic and Workforce Development: Corine Doughty
ATEP A 107 949-282-2730
Dean, Kinesiology, Health and Athletics: Keith Shackleford, JD
Room PE 226 949-451-5398
Interim Dean, Liberal Arts: Brooke Choo, PhD
Room LA 209 949-451-5336
Dean, Mathematics, Sciences and Engineering: Lianna Zhao, MD
Room LSB 202 949-451-5450
Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences: Traci Fahimi
Room BSTIC 203C 949-451-5204
Director, Research, Planning and Accreditation: Vacant
Room A 120A 949-451-5788
Director, Noncredit, Adult, and Community Education: Debbie Vanschoelandt
Room A 304 949-726-5811