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2019-2020 Catalog: March 2019 Edition 
2019-2020 Catalog: March 2019 Edition [ARCHIVED]

Admission, Registration and Fees

  • Admission  
    • Eligibility, K-12 Students, College of Record, Application, Equal Access, Residence Classification, Establishing Residence, Reclassification to Resident Status, International Students
  • Student Success and Support Program (SSSP)  
    • Submit Transcripts, Advisement, Orientation
  • Placement: Mathematics, Writing & ESL Classes  
    • Placement: Mathematics, Writing or English as a Second Language, Assessment and Placement in ESL Classes, Location and Contacts
  • Enrollment Priority  
    • New Students and Returning Students, Continuing Students, Freshman Advantage Students
  • Registration Times  
    • Registration Times, Appeal Process, Registration Open Enrollment Policy,  MySite, Maintaining Student Contact Information
  • Prerequisites  
    • Definitions, How to Demonstrate That You Have Met a Prerequisite, Auditing Classes, Adding Classes, Attendance, Waitlists, Student Photo ID, Dropping Classes, Repeating Courses, Reenrolling 
  • Tuition and Fee Information
    • Enrollment Fee, Instructional Materials Fee, Health Fee, Associated Student Body (ASB) Activity Sticker, Transcript or Enrollment Verification Fee, Returned Check Fee, Parking Fee, Nonresident Student Fees, Refunds

Tuition and Fee Information

ALL fees are subject to change. Registration is not complete until all required course fees have been paid.

Enrollment Fee

$46 per unit, required of all students, with the following exemptions:

Concurrently enrolled high school students-9th through 12th grade.
Note: Other fees are not waived through this program.

• Students with the Board of Governors (BOG) Fee Waiver. More information can be obtained through the Financial Aid Office.

• Students with the California Department of Veterans Affairs’ Waiver. More information can be obtained through the Bursar’s Office.

Note: The enrollment fee is set by the State Legislature. The college will make every effort to inform students if and when the fee changes.

Instructional Materials Fee

This fee is required of all students enrolled in certain courses.

Courses may carry a nominal fee for instructional materials provided to students throughout the semester.

Health Fee

$20 for the fall and spring semesters; $17 for the summer session. Effective Spring 2019, all students who enroll in at least one class offered on Saddleback College or Irvine Valley College (including ATEP) campuses or online will be required to pay a separate health fee to each college in which they are enrolled, with the following exemptions:

• Students who only enroll in courses offered off campus or not for credit will not be charged an automatic health fee but will be given the opportunity to “opt in” for access to health services.

• Students who depend exclusively upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect (Education Code section 76355).*

• Students who are attending the college under an approved apprenticeship training program (Education Code section 76355).*

*  Students must submit proof of exemptions at the time they register.

Note: Health fees are subject to change. More information regarding the health services students are entitled to receive through the health fee program can be obtained through the Health and Wellness Center.

Associated Students of Irvine Valley College (ASIVC) Access

$10 per semester: ASIVC Access provides no-cost entry to Student Life events and activities; access to the Student Activities Center (SAC), which includes billiards, table tennis, foosball, and a TV/gaming room; multicultural events and programs; campus athletic events; discounted Regal Cinemas movie tickets; access to the ASIVC member theme park self-service e-ticket kiosk; an IVC Cafeteria discount (with valid IVC photo ID); an opportunity to apply for an ASIVC scholarship; and many more benefits. 

Transcript or Enrollment Verification Fee

Please see the Office of Admissions, Records and Enrollment Services for more information. 

Returned Check Fee

A $20 fee will be assessed for each check dishonored by the bank for whatever reason

Note:  Once a check is submitted by a student, it is considered to be his or her enrollment confirmation. Placing a stop payment on a check does not in any way cancel the student’s financial obligation to the college, nor does it clear an enrollment record.

Parking Fee

Required of all students who park on campus, at the following rates (these rates are subject to change):

Permit Type












Fall Semester






Spring Semester






Summer Session





*Board of Governors (BOG) Waivers are eligible for a discounted rate on select parking permits.

Annual/Semester Parking Permits

Annual permits cover the academic school year, and are only available for purchase during the fall semester. Annual permits will be valid through August 31, 2019. All automobile annual and semester parking permits are sold online through MySite and will be mailed to the address provided by the student. If the student does not have a MySite account (e.g. Community Education students), the permit may be ordered by visiting the Campus Police Department (CP 100). Motorcycle permits are sold in the Campus Police Department. IVC annual parking permits are also valid at Saddleback College and ATEP in the same type of parking space.

Daily Parking Permits: $5 per day (Rate subject to change)

Irvine Valley College daily parking permits can be purchased at permit dispensers near the entrances of parking lots 2, 5, 6, 8 and 10. Advanced Technology and Education Park (ATEP) daily parking permits can be purchased at permit dispensers located in parking lot A. Daily permits are also available at the Campus Police Department (CP 100). (Permits are not sold at the Bursar’s Office.) These permits are not valid at Saddleback College or ATEP. Properly displayed permits are valid in student parking only. 

Nonresident Student Fees

Nonresident student fee amounts are effective beginning in the Fall 2018 semester. These fees are assessed in addition to the fees applicable to students who are residents of the State of California:

• Tuition Fee-$265 per semester unit, required of all nonresident students.  

Nonresident Tuition Fee Exemptions: The law exempts certain nonresidents from paying the nonresident tuition fee. More information can be obtained through the Office of Admissions and Records. 

Application Processing Fee-$54 per application, required of all international students. This fee is nonrefundable.

Capital Outlay Fee-$30 per unit, required of all nonresident students, in addition to the Tuition Fee.


Important: Refunds are not processed automatically and must be requested by the student. If classes have been dropped online or in person, the refund request form is still required to be submitted. Students may choose to leave a credit on the student account to cover future enrollment charges.

​Students are eligible for a full refund of most fees, provided they have officially dropped or withdrawn from classes prior to the refund deadline or their classes have been canceled by the college. The refund deadline, and all other pertinent dates for each respective class, can be viewed within the class details found in the online Class Schedule. Classes can be dropped through MySite or in person at the Office of Admissions and Records. There is no refund for classes added after the refund deadline date. Also, refunds are not available for any instructor drop that is initiated after the refund deadline.

If eligible for a refund, a check refund will be authorized if the original payment was made by cash or a check, or if the original payment is older than a year.  To be eligible for a credit card refund, the original payment must have been made by a credit card within the last year. All refund requests must be submitted online by using the Refund Request Form. Please view the Refund Process page for more information on how to obtain the refund. Please do not email your credit card information, as email is not a secure communication method. Once the request is submitted online, the submitter will receive a reference number that will need to be retained in order to track the status. After the Bursar’s Office has reviewed the request and the respective student account, an email will be sent providing an authorization of the refund. The second email will contain the amount of refund next to the type of refund (check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover). If the authorized type of refund is a check, please verify that the mailing address on the student’s MySite student profile is up to date. Otherwise, the refund will not be successfully delivered. If the authorized type of refund is a credit card, the student must call or come in-person to the Bursar’s Office in order to complete the refund transaction. The student must be the one to call or come in-person to the Bursar’s Office with the 16 digit credit card number and expiration date to complete the refund. Even if a third party has made the payment on behalf of the student, the student must still be the one who completes and claims the refund. Also, in the event that the refund type is a check, the check refund will be made payable in the student name.

Parking Fee Refunds

Please refer to the South Orange County Community College District Traffic & Parking Regulations, which can be viewed online at campuspolice.ivc.edu/Pages/parkingreg.aspx, for all information regarding refunds of parking fees. Fees are only refunded when a class is canceled by the college within 30 days of the start of classes due to insufficient enrollment and students are not enrolled in any other classes at the college during the semester; or if the student officially withdraws from all of their on-campus classes prior to the last day to drop the classes for refund eligibility.

Important: The permit must be received by Campus Police within the first four weeks of a regular term, or within the first two weeks of an eight-week term, if the student only enrolled in an eight-week term within a regular term or summer session. Parking permits not received by Campus Police within the timeframe given are not subject to refund. For parking regulations, please see the Policies and Standards section.

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